Maneka Gandhi Lends Support to Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment

Animal-rights activist and Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has extended support to Entertainment, starring Akshay Kumar, for using the dog in the film in a friendly way.

Mrs Gandhi also hosted a special premiere of the film in the Capital last evening which was attended by film’s crew and members of her organisation People for Animals (PFA). “The film has been endorsed by us. A dog has been used in the film but it has been used in a respectful manner. I am happy to have this event as our annual fund-raiser,” Mrs Gandhi, who also attended the film’s trailer launch couple of months ago in Mumbai, told reporters here.

“After the law of not portraying animals in cruel manner has been passed, filmmakers are using them in a good way. They don’t want to take a fight with Censor Board first and then with me. I am happy to see that now they are respecting animals,” she said.

Entertainment, which released today, is a comic take on a dog and human relationship. The film’s story is about a golden retriever, who inherits all the wealth from his owner while his son, played by Akshay, is left penniless.

Akshay, who turned up late for the event citing poor health, said he would be happy if anyone ends up adopting a dog after watching this film.

“The genre of man and animal relationship has not been explored much. Entertainment has come after 18 years. I don’t know whether the film will work or not but if a person after watching the film wants to adopt a dog, my purpose is done,” Akshay added.

The 46-year-old superstar attended the event at Talkatora stadium with his co-star Tamannnaah Bhatia, director duo Sajid-Farhad, producers Ramesh S Taurani and Jayantilal Gada and music composer duo Sachin and Jigar, who also performed live for the audience.

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